An Open Access Contribution to the History of CAARI

This week is Open Access Week, so it make sense to celebrate that a bit with a nice open access contribution to celebrate CAARI’s 40th birthday.

In 2001, to celebrate the American Schools of Oriental Research centennial, they produced a book, An ASOR Mosaic, that interleaved the histories of the various schools to the history of ASOR. Stuart Swiny’s article on the history of CAARI still stands among the finest published contribution to the history of the Institute. Few scholars are better positioned to tell the story of CAARI from its beginnings to the end of the 20th century than Stuart Swiny who served as the institute’s third director from 1980-1995.

Here’s a link to Swiny’s fine article.


A few years ago, ASOR released much of their back catalogue open access, and this included An ASOR Mosaic as well as some of the seminal works to emerge from scholars associated with CAARI, conferences hosted by CAARI over its history, and works published in the CAARI Monograph series. Links for downloading the available books are on our monograph page here.

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