J.R.B. Stewart. An Archaeological Legacy
A. Bernard Knapp, Jennifer Webb & Andrew McCarthy (eds.)
Uppsala, Sweden: Åström Editions, 2013
ISBN: 978-91-7081-253-8

Knapp WebbThis volume presents the extensively revised papers from a conference held in honour of J.R.B. Stewart at the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) in March 2013. It is arranged in two sections: in the first, authors discuss aspects of current research on chronology, community, ceramic production, copper, environmental thought and the emergence of the state in Cyprus, demonstrating how Stewart’s legacy has impacted the discipline, our interpretations of prehistory and our methodologies; the second contains a number of biographical pieces about Stewart, his colleagues and the role his widow, Eve, played in sustaining his work. Part archaeology, part historiography and part biography, the volume seeks to assess Stewart’s legacy within 20th century archaeological scholarship and in the context of our current understanding of Cyprus in the Bronze Age.

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CAARI Monographs are part of the ASOR Archaeological Reports series. Four volumes have been published to date. They include publication of excavations in Cyprus and the proceedings of select conferences organized by CAARI.

Res MaritimaeNo. 1. Stuart Swiny, Robert L. Hohlfelder, and Helena Wylde Swiny (eds.). Res Maritimae: Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean from Prehistory to Late Antiquity, 1994.

Res Maritimae includes a collection of essays by international scholars dealing with such issues as marine archaeology, trade, and ancient history in the Eastern Mediterranean. The publication was the result of the proceedings of the second international symposium “Cities on the Sea.” Essays are written in French and English.





Earliest PrehistoryNo. 2. Stuart Swiny (ed.) The Earliest Prehistory of Cyprus from Colonization to Exploitation, 2001.

In The Earliest Prehistory, Swiny and other essayists trace developments in the study of Cypriot prehistory. The essayists seek to position Cyprus as playing a significant part in the development of civilization in the Near East. All essays are written in English.

This book can be downloaded for free from the HathiTrust.





Engendering AphroditeNo. 3. Diane Bolger and Nancy Serwint (eds). Engendering Aphrodite: Women and Society in Ancient Cyprus, 2002.

The authors study the identity and image of the goddess Aphrodite from Cypriot prehistory to the medieval period. Aphrodite is considered in tandem with her Near Eastern counterparts. Essays are concerned with gender, ethnicity, identity, and technology. All essays are written in English.

This book can be downloaded for free from the HathiTrust.





Sotira KaminoudhiaNo. 4. Stuart Swiny, George Rapp, and Ellen Herscher (eds). Sotira Kaminoudhia, An Early Bronze Age Site in Cyprus, 2003.

The final site report of the CAARI affiliated excavations of the Sotira Kaminoudhia site. The essays include descriptive and analytical papers placing the finds from the site into a regional context of the Early Bronze Age on Cyprus. All essays are written in English. 600 pages.

This book can be downloaded for free from the HathiTrust.