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Forthcoming online AND LIVE events

PROGRAMME, Spring 2024

Please note that we are aiming to hold our lectures in hybrid form, both live in the CAARI library and on zoom, to be later uploaded to our YouTube channel. If circumstances do not permit live events, we will be online only.

CAARI cordially invites you to the following online lectures (all 7pm Cyprus time). Zoom links will be provided in the weeks before the lecture and available on CAARI’s website  here. Please email if you wish to attend in person.


Save the date:  Saturday 15th June 2024

40th CAARI Archaeological Workshop

8:45am – 3:30 pm at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Faneromeni

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2024 Workshop Program final


Previous online events

  • CAARI and The British Museum collaborative webinar conference:
  • Two sessions of Empire and excavation: critical perspectives on archaeology in British-period Cyprus, 1878-1960 online and all lectures are available to watch on YouTube.
  • Online lecture by Erin Walcek Averett: Beyond Representation: Cypriot Votives as Vibrant Assemblages
  • Online lecture by Alison South: Voices from the Grave: a Late Bronze Age Population from Kalavasos and their Tombs
  • Online lecture by Dr Robert Merrillees: Leonardo da Vinci’s legendary visit to Cyprus in 1481 A.D. and its link to Lefkara
  • Online lecture by Dr Andrew Sneddon: New Research at the Middle Bronze Age site of Alambra
  • Online lecture by Dr Artemis Georgiou: Cylinder-seal impressions on storage vessels from Late Bronze Age Cyprus: exploring the materiality of an idiosyncratic mechanism
  • Online lecture by Dr Anna Spyrou: From South Asia to the Eastern Mediterranean: Zebu cattle in iconography and nature of Bronze Age Cyprus
  • Online lecture by Nicoletta Demetriou (Ethnomusicologist, European Commission Widening Fellow, University of Cyprus): The Cypriot Fiddler: An oral history of traditional music-making in Cyprus in the twentieth century
  • Online lecture by Harry Pareskeva (CAARI Peltenburg Fellow in Cypriot Prehistory)
    It Takes Two to Tango: The Philia-Drakos Chalcolithic Settlement at the Dawn of the Bronze Age
  • Online lecture by Dr. Edna Stern (Israel Antiquities Authority, University of Haifa):Venice, Cyprus and the southern Levant in the 14th-16th centuries: ceramics as a reflection of contacts
  • Online lecture by Dr Lisa Mahoney (DePaul University): The Exceptional Icons of Lusignan Cyprus as Archetype 
  • Online lecture by Prof. Virginia Burrus (Syracuse University): Life in Ruins: Saint Hilarion’s Paphos 
  • Online lecture by Dr Ian Randall, CAARI-CAORC Fellow, (University of British Columbia):
    Disaster and Debris: Remaking Society in Post-Earthquake Kourion
  • Online lecture by Dr Bleda Düring,CAARI Scholar in Residence (Leiden University)
    (Re)Connecting Cyprus: Exchange Networks and Society in the Third Millennium BCE
  • Online lecture by Dr Giulia Muti, CAARI Edgar Peltenburg Postdoctoral  Fellow in Cypriot Prehistory: Weaving new patterns. Textile production and social implications on Cyprus between the end of the Chalcolithic and the transition to the Late Bronze Age
  • Online lecture by Dr Artemis Karnava (University of Crete): Cretan and Cypriot writing in the 2nd & 1st millennia BC: on seeing and believing.
  • Online lecture by Dr Craig Barker (University of Sydney): From Vounous to Paphos: A brief history of Australian archaeologists excavating in Cyprus 
  • Online lecture by Dr Dylan Rogers (Florida State University): Roman Cyprus Reconsidered: Fountains and Urbanism in Context 
  • Online Lecture by Prof. Dr. Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka (Jagiellonian University in Kraków and University of Warsaw): Where the streets have no name. Results of the research project ‘MA-P Maloutena and Agora in the urban layout of Paphos: Modelling the cityscape of the Hellenistic and Roman capital of Cyprus’
  • Online lecture by Dr Frederick Whitling (CAARI Scholar in Residence): “Swedish Spades in Terra Incognita”. Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf’s 1930 Cyprus Sojourn and the Division of Finds of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition. 
  • Online lecture by Dr Francesca Meneghetti (CAARI Edgar J Peltenburg Postdoctoral Fellow): Clearing the dust from legacy material. Renewed studies on the Israeli excavations at Athienou-Bamboulari tis Koukounninas.
  • Online lecture by Dr Nicholas Stanley-Price (Independent Scholar):Rupert Gunnis and Cyprus antiquities: author, ‘policeman’, collector and fugitive. 
  • Online lecture by Dr Thomas Kiely (The British Museum): ‘Law and (dis)order? Managing the archaeological heritage of Cyprus in early British times, 1878 – 1914
  • Online lecture by Prof. Steve Falconer (University of North Carolina Charlotte, Fulbright US Scholar): Bronze Age life and landscape at Politiko-Troullia, Cyprus