Upcoming Events in Cypriot Archaeology

CAARI is pleased to announce the following conferences, sessions, and workshops on Cypriot archaeology.

We look forward to seeing you at any or all of these events!

19th-21st May 2017

Conference “Melusine of Cyprus: Studies in Art, Architecture and Visual Culture” in honor of CAARI Vice-president Annemarie Weyl Carr. At CAARI.

7th-10th June 2017

Archaeozoology of South-West Asia and adjacent areas (ASWA) biennial conference. At the Cyprus University.

1st July 2017

CAARI annual workshop on results of recent archaeological fieldwork. At the Cyprus University (new campus at Aglandjia)

21st-23rd September 2017

Classical Cyprus conference. At University of Graz, Austria.


22nd-24th September 2017

Concealment and Revelation in the Art of the Middle Ages. University of Cyprus.

11th October 2017

Conference on the archaeology of Paphos and Western Cyprus, organised by the Department of Antiquities. At Palia Ilektriki, Paphos.

20th-24th October 2017

Conference on Mediterranean Maritime Archaeology (on the centenary of Honor Frost’s birth), organised by the Honor Frost Foundation in collaboration with the Cyprus University. At the Cyprus University.

15-18th November 2017

ASOR Annual Meeting in Boston (includes sessions on Cyprus).

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