CAARI’s New Petrographic Thin-Section Laboratory

CAARI is eagerly anticipating the arrival of our top of the line Buehler thin section equipment that will be part of our new Petrographic Thin Section Laboratory, the only one in Cyprus. Through generous funding from the United States Department of Education, CAARI has been able to purchase this specialized equipment that will allow researchers to prepare and analyze thin sections for use in geology, ceramic studies, osteology or any other discipline that uses this technique.

CAARI will house our equipment at the University of Cyprus laboratories, and university staff and students will make use of and maintain the equipment. This arrangement is an excellent way for CAARI to join forces with the superb facilities at the University of Cyprus, and allows CAARI affiliates to make the most of collaborative scientific studies. We are very proud to be able to bring this equipment to Cyprus. The equipment is expected to arrive early in 2017. It will open a new realm of scientific possibilities to researchers in the Mediterranean.

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