Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute is dedicated to the protection and preservation of archaeological sites in Cyprus and the information they contain. To promote this, CAARI supports the following principles:

  • archaeological excavations be carried out under the highest standards possible;
  • illicit trade of antiquities be actively discouraged; and
  • the authorities of the Department of Antiquities be informed of any improper activities involving excavation or exportation of archaeological artifacts.

CAARI endorses the ASOR policy on preservation and protection of archaeological resources.

Adopted 1993, Amended 1999


CAARI Research Misconduct Policy

CAARI expects its staff and appointees to abide by the highest standards of scholarly conduct and accepts responsibility for investigating allegations and making findings of misconduct concerning its staff; scholars whose research was conducted with funds from CAARI or with funds from other sources that are awarded by CAARI; or scholars undertaking excavation or survey, research, or publication of archaeological materials, archival or other primary source materials in the care of CAARI. Findings of a violation of this policy on the part of scholars whose research was conducted at CAARI with funds from external sources such as the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau of the U.S. State Department will be reported to the relevant funding source.

To read the complete policy, see the CAARI Research Misconduct Policy.

Adopted 2010