The 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research happens this week in Boston. You can check out the schedule and program here. For your convenience and interest, I’ve compiled a list of the papers and posters with explicit reference to Cyprus in their titles. As you can see there are four panels dedicated this year to Cypriot topics and a number of other papers, posters, and digital demonstrations scattered throughout the three-day conference. Do check them out if you’re in Boston! Thursday, November 16 1F Archaeology of the Ancient Near East: Bronze and Iron Ages 1 9:05 Igor Kreimerman (The Hebrew UniversityRead More →

An early memory of CAARI from Nassos Papalexandrou: I will always remember very fondly the first time I was resident at CAARI, one unforgettable night of summer 1990. I was a first-year graduate student participating in an intensive session run by Professors William A. P. Childs and Nancy Serwint at Polis tis Chrysochou (Marion/Arsinoe in antiquity). I do not remember now what exactly occasioned a collective trip to Nicosia but the first thing we did upon our arrival, all full of enthusiasm and anticipation, was pay a visit at 11 Andrea Dimitriou Street in order to witness in person the soon-to-be-home of CAARI at Nicosia.Read More →

From Nancy Serwint: It is sobering for me to recall that my personal relationship with CAARI began nearly 35 years ago.  As we stop to remember the institute and all the things we experienced there, I am rather stunned that most of my professional life has been intertwined with the place whose 40th birthday we are soon to celebrate. For me it all began in the summer of 1983, when, at the conclusion of Princeton University’s first season at ancient Marion, away on the other side of the island at Polis Chrysochous, several of us from the excavation made our way to Nicosia and, ofRead More →

This week is Open Access Week, so it make sense to celebrate that a bit with a nice open access contribution to celebrate CAARI’s 40th birthday. In 2001, to celebrate the American Schools of Oriental Research centennial, they produced a book, An ASOR Mosaic, that interleaved the histories of the various schools to the history of ASOR. Stuart Swiny’s article on the history of CAARI still stands among the finest published contribution to the history of the Institute. Few scholars are better positioned to tell the story of CAARI from its beginnings to the end of the 20th century than Stuart Swiny who served asRead More →

This post is the first in a series celebrating CAARI’s 40th anniversary in which members of the global CAARI community reflect back on their experiences at the Institute and what it meant to them personally and professional. From Annemarie Weyl Carr: I first came to CAARI in the summer of 1990 with a month-long stipend from the Cyprus Research Centre. With expectations formed by a summer at the American Academy in Rome, I was dismayed to find myself deposited in front of a dusty apartment block on King Paul Street. But within minutes, elegant, articulate Stuart Swiny was welcoming me. “You’ll want to see the library,”Read More →

The Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute is excited to announce the 36th annual CAARI Workshop in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities Cyprus and the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus. The workshop is on July 1 at the University of Cyprus New Campus, University Senate House, Amphitheater B108 (A.G. Leventis Building, Panepistimiou Avenue, Aglantzia, Nicosia). Find the program below: First Session 9:00 Welcome and Introductory Remarks: Dr. Andrew McCarthy and Dr. Lindy Crewe, CAARI Director Dr. Marina Solomidou-Ieronymidou, Director of the Department of Antiquities Cyprus First Session 9:15-9:30 So, what’s new with the first Cypriotes? Alan Simmons 9:30-9:45 Prasteio-Mesorotsos Archaeological Expedition 2016-2017:Read More →

CAARI is very happy to announce the program for next weekend’s conference in honor of the work of Annemarie Weyl Carr on Cyprus: Melusine of Cyprus: Studies in Art, Architecture, and Visual Culture in Honor of Annemarie Weyl Carr Friday 19 May 2017 09:00 Introduction Dr. Andrew McCarthy, CAARI Director Paintings, Murals and Illumination  09:20 Charles Anthony Stewart (University of St. Thomas) Cyprus and the Development of Early Byzantine Fresco Painting 09:40 Maria G. Parani (University of Cyprus) On the Fringe: The Painted Ornament of the Holy Trinity Parekklesion at the Monastery of St. John Chrysostom, Koutsovendis  10:00 Andreas Nicolaïdès (Aix Marseille Université) Le cycle sanctoral deRead More →

With great pleasure, CAARI announces the appointment of Dr. LINDY CREWE as its new Director. A leading scholar of Bronze Age Cyprus, Dr. Crewe comes to CAARI from the University of Manchester, England, where she is a Lecturer in Archaeology. Like Dr. McCarthy, whom she has known since graduate school, Dr. Crewe studied under Professor Edgar (“Eddie”) Peltenburg at the University of Edinburgh, and excavates in western Cyprus. The author of two books and 35 articles, she is currently working with Dr. Diane Bolger on the publication of the remarkable Chalcolithic cemetery and settlement at Souskiou-Laona. “It is the site Eddie was most passionate about,”Read More →

This week, the American Schools of Oriental Research and the Archaeological Institute of America both weighed in on the impact of the proposed U.S. federal budget on the functioning of institutions like CAARI. Here is the statement by Jody Magness, the president of the AIA. Here is the statement by Susan Ackerman, the president of ASOR.Read More →

CAARI is pleased to announce the following conferences, sessions, and workshops on Cypriot archaeology. We look forward to seeing you at any or all of these events! 19th-21st May 2017 Conference “Melusine of Cyprus: Studies in Art, Architecture and Visual Culture” in honor of CAARI Vice-president Annemarie Weyl Carr. At CAARI. 7th-10th June 2017 Archaeozoology of South-West Asia and adjacent areas (ASWA) biennial conference. At the Cyprus University. 1st July 2017 CAARI annual workshop on results of recent archaeological fieldwork. At the Cyprus University (new campus at Aglandjia) 21st-23rd September 2017 Classical Cyprus conference. At University of Graz, Austria. classicalcyprus@uni-graz 22nd-24th September 2017 Concealment and RevelationRead More →